Dani K.
(the other curiosity is far too camera shy)

This blog first began back in 2015, when I posted a few recipes, and then got derailed by something sad… And later got taken down when I changed web hosts. Now the whole world has been derailed by something sad, so it seems like strange time to restart, but we shall see how far we get.

About me: I work at a university library, helping people with digital tools (such as 3D printers and various software). I’ve also been a photographer and have done some graphic design work along the way. (Some of the photography you’ll see on here was shot with my DSLR, but a lot of it is probably just going to be with my smartphone because that’s my energy level right now.) I love to cook (and eat) and garden and have been blogging off and on for maybe 20 years or more?

My partner is a technician (also at the university), a musician, a home craft beer brewer, a specialty coffee roaster (on hiatus), and generally obsessed with all things beverage. You’ll see the occasional goodie or recipe input from that direction (and maybe some home roasted chocolate?).